Cut from the same cloth

Street Madonnas by Alexis McDonald will form community through fashion.

Thornton professor wins research award

Lynn Helding also added a vocal health component to Thornton’s wellness program.

Tyndall settlement approved

The $215 million settlement will fund payouts for George Tyndall’s former patients.

USG proposes restructure for student government

USG’s six branches will be reduced to three: executive, legislative and judicial.

Annenberg school hosts town hall to discuss cultural values poll

The Fall 2019 poll assessed the University’s present and desired environment.

General Education S4E13: No Questions Asked — Drug Take Back Day

For the last episode of the fall semester and Sean's last episode as host, we’ll be looking at the first Drug Take Back Day hosted by USC Pharmacies and USC Student Health Center on Dec. 5. This event is particularly relevant given the L.A. Times reporting that hinted at links between some of the recent student deaths and drug overdoses. Featuring reporting from assistant news editor Sarah Yaacoub and associate managing editor Natalie Bettendorf, and an interview with Chief Health Officer Sarah Van Orman. Music by Joakim Karud.