USC should just keep it classy this weekend

LaGarrette Blount. Many of you know him as the man who, last weekend, threw the best punch on a blue field in history. But once you get past how that one punch that connected with Boise State defensive end Byron Hout’s jaw right made watching that slow game worth it, the reality of the situation […]

Comedians abide by their own rules

Where were you the day the laughter died? For me, it was summer of my senior year of high school when Chappelle’s Show began to die a prolonged death. Granted, the importance of Chappelle’s Show hit me retroactively; its creator can be accused of nothing if not equipping friends and classmates with a dozen lines […]

Performances shine despite lackluster direction

A seemingly happy marriage of more than 20 years ends with an adulterous wife who disappears, leaving her loving husband to discover the identity of her lover and travel across the country to befriend the man in order to gain justice. The plot itself sounds like either a gut-wrenching, anti-love story or a psychologically jarring […]

An open letter to the Grand Old Party

Dear Republican Party, I’m afraid things just aren’t working out between us anymore. Please don’t be alarmed by this. I know this is sudden but I have concerns that you may be losing your stability now that you’ve been out of power for nine months. Recently, your followers even went after the president for having […]