Barkley comes of age before our eyes

Matt Barkley has officially relinquished the title of freshman. With the game on the line in just his second collegiate game, in front of perhaps the loudest crowd he will ever face, Barkley’s play was not that of a teenager. His numbers weren’t spectacular. His missed opportunities were plenty. But for the defining drive that […]

Award-winning actor reaffirms genius potential

Few words mean less today than “genius,” which casual overuse has seriously devalued over time. Like “brilliant” and “awesome,” “genius” is cheap praise, and too often it is mistaken for simple intelligence. That’s why I humphed noisily and rolled my eyes when I overheard some woman say that the man whose performance we were about […]

Film evens out melodrama before it all goes Bad

It takes a confused director to make a film like I Can Do Bad All By Myself. Tyler Perry, who is the world’s most bankable drag queen as the legendary and legendarily crass old woman Madea, seems to be just that type of person. Perry, the famous filmmaker whose review-proof films are consistent hits within […]

Workplace gossip nears modern tabloid sensationalism

When a number of people are confined to the same workspace, the office rumor mill starts churning out gossip at a rate that puts professional blabbermouths like Perez Hilton to shame. While the gossip is occasionally made up of harmless, passing comments like, “Oh dear God, did you see what so-and-so wore to that meeting?” […]

Doc uncovers man behind Mickey Mouse empire

We live in a time when Walt Disney’s name is linked to everything from theme parks to mouse ears. But people often forget that the name belonged to a true artist and a man who worked hard — and imagined even harder — to lay the building blocks of what has now become a magnificent […]