Dangerously Stupid Liaisons

A while ago I wrote about the problem of students stalking professors. Closer relationships between students and instructors don’t always indicate stalking though— it might just might indicate a mutual interest in, say, the role of unicorn imagery in 16th century French poetry .

Well, no one’s ever been interested in that.

But what if the mutual interest isn’t actually mutual?

Take this example of a student who tries tempting her T.A. into an illicit tryst so he will boost her grade—clearly, she did not anticipate that it would be so difficult to seduce a faculty member.

She probably also did not anticipate that her T.A. would leak their conversation to the internet.

Woops! If only she had taken the hint early on, maybe she wouldn’t have resorted to saying “Why don’t u come over tonight and we can discuss my grade in the morning?”

Makes you wonder though— surely there’s a more effective way to seduce your instructor than Gmail. Maybe they should add a Blackboard app?