Dear FutureMe: I hope you have a job

Who will nag you about your dubious life choices when technology has become so advanced that your mother doesn’t know how to contact you?

The answer is, you will! allows you to send emails to your future self, to be received at whatever date you select.

To make sure your future self is living up to the expectations of your current self, be sure to send reminders like:

  • You had better not be living with mom and dad. You can do better than that.
  • You’re still wearing your retainer, right?
  • I hope you’re dating someone good looking— Your biological clock is ticking!
  • Did you ever look for the tupperware under the front seat of your car? Because I think there’s some left-over chicken in there. Seriously. You should check that out.

Just hope that your mother never learns how to use this site to send emails to you. Then you will be nagged by your past and your present mother. Because no amount of technological advances could ever stop her.