Goodbye, absurdly long Halloween

Having Halloween on a Saturday seemed to necessitate four days of celebrating, which is why by the time the actual Halloween rolled around, so many people seemed to have given up on costumes.

Sure, at first it’s fun to get emotionally invested in clever costume that demonstrates your originality/hot body. But there are only so many nights where being one of 23 Lady GaGa’s is tolerable. That’s why you start seeing a lot of people wearing zip-up hoodies and ipods: “I’m a Mac.” Yeah, good job.

Thanks to the raves near campus, Halloweekend was great for people watching. At 2:30 p.m., a would-be raver was spotted walking around the Shrine wearing this get-up. Call it a lazy costume, but it took a lot more commitment than most people would have been willing to demonstrate; you Teenage Mutant Ninja turtle costume most likely did not require a full brazillian wax.