New IFC executive board to be elected Wednesday

Current Interfraternity Council board members are hoping the new board, which will be elected Wednesday, will continue to emphasize scholarship and build on some of this year’s new programs.

The current board has officially recommended candidates for each board position, but these slated candidates are expected to face competition.

The slated executive board candidates, chosen after more than 10 hours of interviews, are Alex Bozzo, recommended for president, Derek Carmack, recommended for executive vice president of administrative affairs and Brad Head, recommended for executive vice president of judicial affairs.

All candidates will have a chance to give speeches at tonight’s elections, and then each chapter president will cast his vote. Chapter presidents are told beforehand who the slated candidates are.

“There will be challenges; there always are. Those that weren’t slated are eligible to challenge and run from the floor,” said Nick Hamada, current IFC president. “Ultimately the chapter presidents will vote, and they may or may not follow the slate.”

Though uncommon, challengers occasionally beat out the recommended candidates.

Hamada said the board was careful in choosing its slated candidates.

“We put so much effort on this side of it to make sure that we slate the most qualified candidates and then hopefully elect the most qualified, dedicated and talented candidates, so then we’re in good hands,” Hamada said.

Hamada said he hopes the new board members, once elected, will remain committed to the overall Greek experience. He wants the board to both chart its own course and continue existing programs and traditions, including the IFC Philanthropy Grant Program and the all-Greek service days, both of which started this year.

Aaron Rizkalla, current IFC vice president of scholarship and slated candidate for the position of vice president of finance, said he hopes to continue encouraging Greek academic success and ensure that IFC has the funds needed to continue scholarships and service events.

“I wanted to be on the board to continue my legacy, and work on transitioning whoever my successor is,” Rizkalla said. “It’s about being able to take the experiences I had, and then also help with financing and allocating the budget.”

Brad Head, current IFC vice president of rush and the recommended candidate for executive vice president of judicial, said he intends to continue striving to improve Greek safety and cooperation.

“One of the biggest things I learned was that the key to a successful IFC board was its relationships — whether it be with DPS and with the chapter presidents,” Head said. “It’s also maintaining a level of transparency, where everyone sees what IFC is doing and understands the benefit of what we are trying to do.”

Hamada agreed that the safety issue will be an important task for the new board to deal with.

“We need to continue sound risk-management policies,” Hamada said. “We are being vigilant about them and even creative about finding new and better ways to make our community safer.”

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