Weekend Picks

thursday, january 14 L.A. Connection: Reefer Madness 10 p.m. > Laemmle’s Royale Theatre > $10 L.A. Connection kick starts a series of eclectic monthly events, presenting the now-classic 1936 anti-pot film Reefer Madness. The much-lampooned PSA will be enhanced with live and in-person redubbing by L.A. Connection’s resident voice-over comedians. Kimya Dawson 8 p.m. > […]

More than ever, viewers look to the web for new T.V. shows

These days it is hard to find something good on T.V. Long-form shows tend to get canceled in their first season because of poor ratings and network meddling (like the genius shows Firefly and Traveler), while the ones that are lucky to last long are nearly done, such as Lost. Because of the recession, it […]

Dining options fail to meet special dietary needs

Today, I swiped my meal plan card at EVK, and scanned my options only to realize there was nothing for me to eat. Now, I’m just sitting in my room without any food because I’ve run out of frozen meals … again. Although students have their complaints about Everybody’s Kitchen and Parkside Restaurant, no one […]

American Idol Season 9 begins with déjà vu

The first episode of the first season (sans Paula) aired last night and in between laying out pages and sending for finals, I managed to catch a glimpse of the first of several always-infamous audition episodes. Starting with the Boston tryouts, the Idol team (which featured Posh Spice as a pre-Ellen guest judge) sat in […]