As campaigns open, candidates gain support on Facebook

Posters for 2010-2011 USG hopefuls lined Trousdale Parkway on Monday as candidates officially launched their campaigns — and the campaigning is not limited to campus.

On day one, the presidential tickets have already extended their outreach to potential voters via Facebook groups and fan pages decked out with their platform goals, campaign images and slogans.

The Facebook groups, which couldn’t be created before Monday under USG’s elections code, are already gaining student followers, though some are growing faster than others. The numbers as of Monday night:

Dylan Dann and Addison McCaleb: 3 groups, 1,106 members

The breakdown:

Vote Dann-McCaleb! has 686 members

Greeks for Dann-McCaleb has 385 members

Seniors for Dann and McCaleb! has 38 members

Chris Cheng and Nehi Ogbevoen: 2 groups, 973 members

The breakdown:

Vote Chris and Nehi: USG Elections 2010 has 838 members

Greeks For Chris and Nehi 2010 has 135 members

Andrew Matson and Juan Orjuela: 1 group, 85 members

Group: It’s About You: Vote Andrew and Juan in 2010!

Jonathan Munoz-Proulx and Ryan Walsh: 1 fan page, 61 members

Page: J.M.P. Walsh 2010

This ticket currently has one fan page, though they are also the only presidential and vice presidential candidates without a Facebook group at this time.

Voting begins Feb. 16.