Sing out

Lara Johnston (left) and Peter Johnson, both freshmen majoring in pop music, perform at Ground Zero’s open mic night competition on Monday. Monday marked the third and final night of the open mic night competition. One winner was chosen each night, and the winners will perform at  a benefit concert with a headlining band.

Trio’s most recent independent release blends old and new

Alkaline Trio is a punk band. Punk music, by definition, is and has always been an anti-establishment form of expression that aims to blatantly defy and oppose mainstream culture. The Hills is not punk. It came as somewhat of a surprise, then, when the nearly 14-year-old Chicago band Alkaline Trio appeared on MTV’s reality show […]

Family connection runs deep for Kreuter

USC baseball coach Chad Kreuter stood off the third-base line, peering down to the right at his designated hitter. Kreuter’s team was trailing Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, 4-3, in the top of the eighth inning. His freshman catcher, Robert Stock, had just singled to centerfield, putting the team’s tying runner on base, but USC […]

Shutter Island is good, but not Scorsese’s best

Now, the question here isn’t whether or not Shutter Island is a good film — because it most certainly is. The question, given the director’s glowing repertoire and ’06 masterpiece, is whether or not Shutter Island is a great film. All things considered, Shutter Island finds Martin Scorsese sorely out of his element. Teddy Daniels […]