Music master

Leonardo Perez, a graduate student studying violin performance, played Schumann’s Opus 47 in E flat on Monday night in the Alfred Newman Recital Hall. Perez’s performance was part of the Chamber Music Marathon, where, under the direction of Peter Marsh, students from the Thornton School of Music are performing chamber music for three straight nights, […]

Long Beach foursome delivers with impressive debut

Here’s a band with respect for its musical elders, playing sincere pop rock with a steadfast dedication to freak-folk delivery and a pleasant penchant for irony. Thus far, the band described is of a pretty standard garage band ilk these days. So what sets Avi Buffalo apart? For starters, its song “Summer Cum” is potentially […]

Indie rock survives in oppressive Tehran

The formation of underground music scenes is hardly a novel concept. In the United States, music countercultures have always flourished when political tensions peak and carbon copies of a particular sonic trend flood the airwaves. The rock subgenre of punk pierced the flower-child movement as early as 1967 with harder-edged groups like the Stooges and […]

Success story in company of failure

Forget about how poorly the USC baseball team (17-22, 3-12) is playing. Forget about Pete Carroll not drafting Taylor Mays. And forget about the men’s volleyball team dropping its quarterfinals match to Cal State Northridge. There is something that every Trojan can rejoice about after a highly disappointing weekend of sports. The USC men’s tennis […]