Far-reaching problems with NCAA

After sitting atop the college football world for as long as I can remember, the NCAA Infractions Committee finally laid down the gauntlet on the USC athletics program. It was like waiting for former Heisman-winning running back Reggie Bush to score a touchdown — you knew it was coming but you weren’t sure when it […]

Remake of hit show from the 1980s misses the mark

Hollywood has been catering to 1980s nostalgics lately. With its recent remakes of and belated sequels to ’80s films, Hollywood has been looking backwards, hoping to capitalize on childhood nostalgia with increased ticket sales. The latest example of this trend is Joe Carnahan’s The A-Team, and while it might not be the finest film ever […]

Tainted legacy

Reggie Bush, pictured here in USC’s 2004 game against Ohio State, has been the source of controversy as the NCAA sanctions report strips the Trojans of their wins from the 2004 and 2005 seasons, citing Bush’s ineligibility.