USC won’t let the bedbugs bite

A bedbug infestation that began several years ago has now reached its worst level in years, according to AOL news.

Colleges throughout the nation have reported a resurgence of the nasty nocturnal insects in dorm rooms and common areas.

Those specifically identified in media reports do not include USC. But several high profile institutions, including Stanford and the City University of New York, have begun to grapple with recent infestations.

The new wave of insects has gotten so severe that some have called for a lift on the decades long ban of DDT, the notorious and ultra-effective pesticide that has long been thought to be detrimental to the environment and may cause cancer in humans.

It is unlikely the government will take such dramatic steps just yet, but USC students can help reduce their likelihood of exposure by understanding and working to ward off the creatures.

Bedbugs are small circular insects, about a fifth of an inch, and visible to the naked eye. During the day they hide under pillows, in radiators, under bed sheets and in generally dark, secluded places. At night they’re known to swarm beds, feeding off people while they sleep, and leave red marks and welts on the sleepers body.

USC Housing advises that you inspect your bed periodically, reduce clutter in your room, vacuum the floors and furniture frequently and be generally tidy and hygienic.

If you do discover you have a bedbug problem, contact USC Housing immediately. It will work with pest-control specialists to eradicate the problem quickly and efficiently.