Box office results show sparked interested in movies

There’s been a significant amount of buzz surrounding the box office this weekend and with good reason. Earlier in the year, the caustic but brilliant Joe Queenan dubbed 2010 the “worst movie year ever.” Or at least he made a point of panning Hollywood’s lack of originality.

But this weekend, audiences were actually forced to choose between several enticing and critically acclaimed films. Who would have thought? Will Gluck’s satiric and surprising Easy A, which clocked in at No. 2 in box office sales this weekend, and Ben Affleck’s gritty ensemble piece The Town, which took the No. 1 spot, were both widely released.

When it comes to the timely Catfish and the sweeping Never Let Me Go, I honestly cannot remember a weekend in which two films, original films I might add, sparked massive audience interest — regardless of not taking high spots in the box office.

We’ll forgive those that saw Devil instead. But as for M. Night Shyamalan? He’s still got a lot of apologizing to do.

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