Did you hear?

On Tuesday, a suspicious envelope was found inside the Hedco Neuroscience building on campus, setting off a flurry of concern that resulted in a swarm of DPS and LAPD presence around the perimeter of the building, including a bomb squad.

In the end, it was revealed that the envelope just contained a magazine and LED device.

However, for about two tense Jack Bauer-esque hours, there was the very real possibility that the situation at hand could have had a much less fortunate result.

As the events were unfolding, there seemed to be two distinct groups on campus: those who were aware of the impending crisis, through word of mouth or DPS’ TrojansAlert system, and those who had no idea that there was a potential scare on campus.

In light of yesterday’s events, we want to know:

How satisfied are you with the methods of emergency communication on campus?


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  1. Kim
    Kim says:

    Satisfied enough: if students don’t sign up for Trojan Alert, what else can USC do? If students are in class and the professor gets an alert, then I think that professor should mention it to the class.

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