Banksy’s influence sparks Simpsons controversy

Banksy sure knows how to get your attention.

As a famous, mysterious and highly talented street artist, his grafitti works challenge government, juxtapose shocking images on everyday streets and even alter storied works of art.

Yet for his latest stunt, Banksy did not resort to hanging a smiley-face Mona Lisa at the Louvre or illegally spray-painting his stenciled works on street corners. Instead, Banksy lent his creative energy and bold personality to the latest episode of the long-running classic animated show The Simpsons.

The ever-familiar introduction to the show included Banksy’s name spray-painted on Springfield’s streets — but that was the tame part.

The controversial bit comes before the animated family settles down on its couch, when there is an extended scene which shows factory workers performing tedious in a shockingly morbid environment.

Obvious commentary is riddled throughout criticism of working conditions — highlighted by the bones littered on the ground, a child worker performing dangerous tasks and the abuse of animals, shown through everything from an emaciated unicorn to kittens being thrown in a wood chipper.

The gruesome scenes threatened to throw the entire episode overboard, as Banksy’s storyboard led to delays and raised questions about broadcast standards, BBC News reported.  It was the first time an artist has been invited to storyboard part of the show.

Cheers to this dysfunctional animated family.