Jacks N Joe offers delectable breakfast options

Trojans’ weekend brunch plans need no longer consist of Denny’s “moons over my hammy” or Everybody’s Kitchen’s exotic breakfast array.  Finally, USC can claim a delectable, all-day breakfast café.  Behold the rising era of Jacks N Joe.  Quaint and whimsical, this café-diner haven beckons from a backdrop of neighboring Popeyes and fast food foolishness.

Jacks N Joe is all about USC and for USC.  Opened by a 1992 USC architecture alumnus Mark Vednorz, the space is inspiring.  Over-sized utensils, prints of the Coliseum and of dogs adorn the walls, fostering the space’s creative cool.

Get ready to belabor your meal selection.  FlapJACK highlights include the peanut butter and banana covered “Pudgie Elvis”, “Totally LA” thin crepe-like cakes with berries and sweet lemon butter, and the “WTF?!” featuring an assortment of crazy pancake shapes topped with sweet cream cheese.  Yes, they’re down with college lexicon. With these quirky selections, it’s surprising that JNJ is not capitalizing on the late-night “drunchies” crowd. (JNJ hours are 7am-9pm Monday-Friday, 8am-8pm on weekends.)  Pessimists, this is not one of those places that sacrifices taste for the sake of inventive food.  Everything is as delicious as it is fun.  Also, look into the understated, delicious breakfast sandwich, “Boulder, not Denver” omelet and exotic French toasts.

Every Jacks N Joe creation is beyond exciting, inducing giddiness and Trojan spirit, which I’ll willingly admit, I live for.  Plus, it’s cheap!  Bask in proud Trojan culture over a Fight On! breakfast.  Jacks N Joe is the new happening spot.

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