ADChi losing house after miscommunication

Members of Alpha Delta Chi, USC’s Christian sorority, are currently house hunting.

ADChi members have been living at 1207 29th St. for four years, but after their former property manager failed to inform the new manager that the sorority wanted to renew its lease, the sorority must now look elsewhere for a house.

Goodbye · The girls of the Alpha Delta Chi sorority were notified in February that the new property manager had not continued their lease. - Courtney Sandlin | Daily Trojan

“There was a change in property managers, and I guess the fact that we wanted to stay in the house just got lost in between,” said ADChi President Megan Mullis.

When Ashlee Humphrey, ADChi’s house manager, contacted the new property manager earlier this month, she learned the property manager had allowed others to sign a lease for the house. Humphrey said the new manager was never told that the sorority wanted to renew its lease.

“When I first called them, I was confused because I was so unsure of how that error occurred,” Humphrey said. “So, the first thing I thought was confusion as to how we don’t have a house anymore all of a sudden.”

Humphrey added she wasn’t angry, but was more concerned with finding a new house for the girls to live in.

“I started getting worried thinking of where the girls are going to live,” Humphrey said. “I’m not sure if I was really angry — I think my first thought was just, ‘What’s going to happen?’”

The sorority is currently pursuing a number of options for housing but does not have anything concrete yet.

Though the members are upset about the loss of their house, Mullis said she and the rest of the girls are maintaining positive attitudes.

“It’s already been uniting us over the loss with the search for something new, and it’s really caused us to be united in our trust of God and in prayer for a new house,” Mullis said.

Although Humphrey said she has grown quite attached to the house after living there for the last two years, she is looking forward to the possibilities a new house might bring.

“At first, I was a little sad because I’ve grown really attached to the house,” Humphrey said. “In the end, I’m excited because it means more girls will probably be able to live in.”

Siobhan Brugger, a sophomore majoring in music and health promotion and disease prevention studies, said she wants to live in the new house with the girls for the first time next year.

“We could be sad about it, but I know that the future is bright and I’m just excited for ADChi and what’s ahead,” Brugger said.

Humphrey said although the final housing decision will be made by both her and Mullis, they are still trying to involve all of the girls in the search process.

“So far, some of us have gone walking through the neighborhood looking for a house. We want to get input and make everyone involved in this,” Humphrey said.

Moving closer to The Row is another factor the girls are considering.

“We’d love to be closer to The Row, and be more involved there and grow relationships with other houses,” Brugger said.

The girls were told they have to be out of their current house by July 31. Mullis said they hope to move into their new house as soon as possible.