New Line Cinema to see decreased production

Warner Bros. is cutting back production on New Line Cinema and will reduce the number of films they produce annually from eight to four.

The decision is said to have been made by Jeff Robinov at Warner Bros., whose plan is to decrease the number of films the studio releases each year. New Line Cinema is also at risk of having many of its personnel laid off in the coming weeks.

New Line Cinema was absorbed by Warner Bros. in 2008, when the founders of the company, Robert Shaye and Michael Lynne, made the decision to step down.

The company then had its personnel go down from 600 employees to 50. This decision will further downsize the company as they shift their focus on producing more tentpole films. New Line Cinema currently has several highly anticipated films lined up, including The Hobbit series.

These changes also bring into question whether Toby Emmerich, the President and COO of New Line Cinema, will choose to remain with the company.