Slum Dog Millionaire actress home in fire

Only two years ago Rubina Ali won moviegoers’ hearts in the younger role of Latika in Slumdog Millionare and was the darling of the Oscars along with younger costars from the film. But Friday night the Slumdog star lost all six trophies and much more in a fire that swept through the Mumbai slum, which according to AFP left more than 2,000 homeless.

“All my daughter’s clothes including what she wore for the Oscars were burnt in the fire.  We could hardly save anything,” the 12-year-old’s father told The Times of India.

“We spent the entire night in the railway station,” Ali said.  “So far nobody has come to help us.”

Due to the blockbuster and critic success of the 2008 film winning eight Oscars, the director Danny Boyle set up the Jai Ho Trust.

The trust is for children living in the slum of Garib Nagar and is also giving Ali an education and building her family a new home, which is still yet to be completed.

Apparently, the locals were unhappy with all the attention Ali was receiving, telling The Times of India, “[We] don’t know why people are only giving them importance.  There are hundreds of families that have lost everything and hundreds of children who are homeless.”

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