Daily Trojan’s Guide to KXSC Fest

Abe Vigoda

Described by Pitchfork as possessing a “love of goth and coldwave,” this Chino quartet garnered raves with its 2010 LP Crush. Once described as tropical punk, they have wrapped swarthy reverb around their guitars, and front man Michael Vidal sings with the traumatized temperament of one who has endured the unimaginable, and savored every second of it.


Puro Instinct

With undulating guitar riffs, echoed vocals and enough synth melodies to score a John Hughes picture, these Los Angeles natives got positive feedback South by Southwest Festival (SXSW) and are currently ripping up the net with their shimmering sounds. The group is fronted by sisters Piper and Skylar Kaplan.


Sister Crayon

Coming straight out of Sacramento, this chillwave four-piece are making waves in the indie world. Borrowing sounds from Thom Yorke, Glass Candy and others, the band spins infectious, soulful melodies, guided by Terra Lopez’s gossamer voice.


Julianna Barwick

Making it her goal to fuse a cappella singing and electronic music, Julianna Barwick creates a sound equal parts haunting and captivating. The Brooklyn-based singer was recently recognized my Pitchfork magazine and given the title of Best New Music, an accolade that probably comes from Barwick’s singing talent and unique personality. Catch the gal before she goes off to tour with the elusive Esben and the Witch.


Brook and River

Santa-Cruz-hailing soft rockers Brook and River are perfect for a lazy, warm Sunday afternoon. Their soft rock sound with a country twang creates smooth tunes that let you bop your head along as you please. The trio, however, also delves into complex romances and other life issues, presenting the right balance between carefree tunes and heartfelt lyricism.


Ana Caravelle

Classically trained in harp and with a soft, endearing voice, this folk singer has a sound that is rare to hear in the music world nowadays. Lullaby-like yet genuinely honest, the tracks seem to transport you to another time period altogether. The soothing melodies are sure to put up a fight against even your most stressful thoughts.

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