We The Kings celebrates Friday

We The Kings unleashed its first single,“Friday is Forever,” from its upcoming studio album. So far, the album is untitled and has no confirmed release date, but the band is aiming for it to hit stores sometime during this summer.

“Friday is Forever,” similar to the songs on WTK’s album Smile Kid, gives off of a summer vibe. It captures the upbeat and free-spirited sound the band is known for.

Although the lyrics dabble in a bit of relationship drama, with lines like I knew a girl in shades of blue / who broke my heart and said ‘We’re through,’  it still moves along in a care-free way.

WTK tends to write songs where the chorus is a hook that has entire crowds singing along. The new single is no different from that with lyrics such as Friday is forever, we belong together / So come on, come on and don’t you say never.

The catchy tune can currently be heard exclusively on AOL Music and this Tuesday, the single will be available for purchase on iTunes.

If you want to head over to the east coast the last weekend of April, WTK will be performing in New Jersey at this year’s Bamboozle Festival.