Black Eyed Peas open production school

When you first hear the word “peapod,” you might think of vegetables or maybe those infant costumes that stores sell around Halloween. The Peapod Foundation, the Black Eyed Peas’ organization, definitely has nothing to do with either one of those things.

The Peapod Foundation began as a charity that held toy drives for Los Angeles based children and local orphanages. Since then, BEP has put on several benefit concerts supporting social issues concerning children.

BEP has announced that the Peapod Foundation will be opening a music and video production school in New York, specifically downtown Manhattan. The school will give teenagers the chance to attend classes that will allow them to work with top-notch equipment.

With the help of Peapod’s partner, the Adobe Foundation, BEP has already been able to establish its Peapod Adobe Youth Voices music and multimedia academies in Los Angeles, Oakland and Redwood City.

The programs available not only teach students about music production and how to edit videos, but also how to express themselves through poetry and dance.

Classes in New York will begin this July in a building that is run by an after-school program named Urban Arts Partnership.

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