FedEx Office returns to Pertusati Bookstore

The Pertusati Bookstore opened a FedEx Office on the third floor Monday, aiming to provide students with an easier option for shipping on campus.

New booking · The FedEx Office, now located on the third level of the Pertusati Bookstore, provides students with a place to ship, pack and print. Students can also submit requests online at - Shabnam Ferdowsi | Daily Trojan

Dan Archer, director of the bookstore, said the store will make daily life more convenient for everyone on campus.

“It will only enhance the environment for the students, faculty and staff,” Archer said.

A FedEx Office was located in the basement of the bookstore until 2007 when FedEx made a corporate decision to leave the location.

Archer said he had noticed an increase in demand for a shipping and printing center on campus in the last few years.

“We did notice that students wanted some [printing and shipping venue] on campus,” Archer said. “For me, it was a priority to get it back.”

Since opening on Monday,  Claudia Padilla, FedEx office manager, said many students have used the printing center’s services.

Sina Hasheminassab, a graduate student studying environmental engineering, said he used the office for the first time Tuesday to make a copy and send a fax. He believes there is a definite need for the services provided by the FedEx Office.

“I will be here more and more,” Hasheminassab said. “It is very important. Everything that is here, I think is necessary.”

Archer said faculty and staff’s response to the new FedEx Office has been very positive.

“They are extremely happy to have a professional company like FedEx back on campus,” Archer said.

On football game days, the office will provide an opportunity for fans to ship souvenirs, rather than carry them to games, Padilla said.

The printing center will have the same hours as the bookstore — 7:45 a.m. to 8 p.m. on weekdays, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday and 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Sunday.

Candice Navi, a sophomore majoring in communication, said the store is a great addition to the bookstore but wishes it remained open longer.

“It’s definitely very convenient,” Navi said. “Although, I wish the hours were extended and perhaps independent from the bookstore.”

Archer said the bookstore hopes to continue adding features that respond to students’ demands.

“They keep calling us the bookstore,” he said. “This is just another layer of our services as we migrate to becoming the campus store.”