Parties pushed to 901 bar, West 27th

With 28th Street silent Monday because of the ongoing social ban put in place by the university, “Black Monday”, the Monday after the end of rush, lived on in facilities just slightly off The Row.

People at the 901 Bar & Grill on Figueroa and West 29th streets and the new West 27th Place housing complex on Figueroa and West 27th streets noticed an increase in partying at their respective facilities Monday night.

“Sales were twice as much as last year on the Monday after rush,” said Danny Costanzo, manager of the 901 Bar & Grill.

Costanzo said the social ban has likely had an effect on those numbers, but he is unsure if the social ban will fare well for his business in the long run.

“I think we still have to let it play out and see,” Costanzo said. “But I’d say for the short term [business] is good.”

West 27th Place has also noticed a lot of activity in the building after 10 p.m, the building’s official quiet hours.

“Last night there was more partying and it was louder than even the weekend,” said Tabitha Stephens, property manager of West 27th Place. “We have upped our courtesy patrol and we have met with the campus police and LAPD.”

Stephens said she has already sent out letters to the residents reminding them the building is a community and not a dorm or a fraternity house. Other than a mechanical elevator incident last week, no enforcement personnel have had to intervene so far.

Sarah Joseph, a junior majoring in neuroscience and resident of West 27th Place, said the building has been housing parties that would have normally taken place on The Row.

“This place probably has more parties because it is further from campus and it is a new facility, but at the same time it is close to The Row,” Joseph said. “I hope the parties stop after they let up on the restrictions.  There was a lot of crazy stuff last night.”

The Dept. of Public Safety has also noticed a student migration to alternative partying facilities and are aware of what that means in terms of safety and enforcement.

“With current restrictions on social events on 28th Street, it is clear that West 27th Place has become one of the most popular locations,” DPS Capt. David Carlisle said. “We are concerned about safety issues as it becomes more popular. DPS has reached out to management of West 27th Place because we would like to work with them to make it safer.”

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