Larry Scott not looking to expand Pac-12

Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott said Saturday that the conference was not actively looking to expand despite rumors suggesting it could be looking to add the University of Oklahoma, among others, in the coming weeks.

“We’re not looking to initiate talks about conference expansion,” Scott said before the inaugural Pac-12 game between USC and Utah. “But we’ll look at our options and reconsider.”

Scott did confirm that several schools had reached out to him to inquire about the possibility of joining the Pac-12. He declined, however, to comment about individual schools.

“We had a plan for 16 last year and we think it could work well,” Scott said. “But that was last year.”

Talks of expansion surfaced in recent weeks, as several Big XII schools expressed an interest in leaving the conference, notably Texas A&M, which announced Wednesday it was leaving for the SEC before a potential lawsuit from Baylor delayed such plans.

“We don’t plan to expand,” Scott said. “What’s changed is what’s going on with the Bix XII.”