New banner to be unveiled Saturday

The USC Spirit Leaders will debut a 40-foot banner to roll over student section Saturday at the student section to raise student spirit.

A few minutes before kickoff against Stanford, spirit leaders in cooperation with Trojan Knights and Helenes will walk to the top of section 23 and direct students to hold their hands up for the banner to roll over them.

The idea came from banners typically rolled over crowds at other sporting events, said Shana Schwartz, associate head coach of the Spirit Leaders.

“In the past we’ve done card stunts and other things that haven’t been successful,” Schwartz said. “We had seen the banner at some professional soccer games and really began to look into this as one of our new ideas to raise school spirit along with the large trojan head flag we run out during games.”

The spirit leaders hope for the banner to appear at every home game.

“Hopefully students will want to come earlier to be a part of this new tradition,” Spirit Leader Captain Emily Gee said. “I hope for this to be a symbol that our student section is there and supportive no matter what.”

Josh DeMilta, a junior majoring in broadcast journalism, said the banner could help students show support for USC during the game.

“A banner would help the student section be more spirited and I’m all for the idea,” DeMilta said. “We need something like this to become more cohesive as a group and really show our presence at the games.”

Schwartz said she has been satisfied with the school spirit of the student section so far and believes this will only make it better.

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  1. John M
    John M says:

    “Oh fun! Cheering against a school that a good number of your students were rejected from.
    Thanks, but no thanks.”

    Oh ho ho, smugness coming from a school infamous for its envy of a certain crimson institution. Couldn’t the alumni of that school mock you in the exact same manner, Cardinal?

    It’s easy to be smug until you realize there’s always someone better than you.

  2. USClay
    USClay says:

    Congratulations. You’ve graduated from geek to insufferable in record time. How did you live with yourself during the all too many years as football doormat?

  3. Stanford Momma
    Stanford Momma says:

    Another good use for the new banner: USC can hide in shame under it after Stanford whoops their a**!!!

  4. USClay
    USClay says:

    Your exceptionalism keeps you small and lonely. Enjoy the solitude. USC and Stanford among many many institutes foster inclusion. You are welcome back to society when you rehabilitate that mean streak of yours.

  5. Louisiana Cardinal
    Louisiana Cardinal says:

    Oh fun!
    Cheering against a school that a good number of your students were rejected from.
    Thanks, but no thanks.

    • CDM
      CDM says:

      Unless you have worked in the admissions office of both USC and Stanford, your comment is merely mindless arrogance. As the offspring of a Louisiana Trojan, I find such ungraciousness startling.

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