Tiny book, huge effort from hitRecord

Joseph Gordon-Levitt has become a leader of collaboration with his production company hitRECord, which is set to release its new book, The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories: Volume 1, on Dec. 6.

hitRECord, established in 2005, has continued to grow as a collaborative community where writers, musicians, filmmakers, video editors, animators, photographers and illustrators create things together, all on the company’s website.

Thousands of collaborators were encouraged by Gordon-Levitt, known online as RegularJOE, to tell tiny stories through words and art. Tiny is the correct way to describe the few lined tales — short stories would be a huge exaggeration.

More than 8,500 contributions were brought together and edited to create the collection of original art. A total of 67 contributors from around the world are the masterminds behind each tiny illustration.

This is not the first time this project has popped up. An artist who goes by the username of Wirrow started the “Tiny Stories” collaboration back in 2010. A book of tiny stories already exists, but has less stories and contributors.

The upcoming Volume 1 release has about 45 illustrated stories. It is currently up for pre-sale and will be available next week on hitRECord’s website and at Barnes & Noble.

On Amazon.com, the book is already on the Best Sellers in Pop Culture Art list.