Vas Defrans releases debut EP and will play at USC

Vas Defrans, a progressive rock band from North Hollywood, is currently streaming the first four songs off of its debut self-titled EP on SoundCloud.

Since the EP’s release on Jan. 2, Vas Defrans’ Facebook wall has become no stranger to positive and constructive feedback.

All that feedback has a refreshing and solid group of songs to back it up.

The band’s style and artistry provides a lot of depth and layers within each song.

Vas Defran music strays away from what most would consider traditional. It can capture a listener’s attention from the very beginning and keeps them hooked until the final note is played.

The guitar work of Dash LeFrancis and Cary Singer, a USC Popular Music student, is innovative and allows each track to progress to a new place, similar to going on a journey. There are a ton of intricate and fast-paced riffs, especially in “Cognition Scars.”

Every successful band must have a firm foundation. That foundation consists of the bass player and drummer. Vas Defrans’ bassist Max Whipple and drummer Kane Ritchotte work together in ways to provide consistent and interesting ways to build up and then break down patterns.

The best example of this teamwork is clear in “In Between Time and a Race.” It actually shows how well the entire band works together to create a cohesive song.

Another appealing aspect of Vas Defrans is the vocalist’s voice. Vincent Coleman has a voice with rock influences, but also hints of soul. It adds a little special something to the EP.

Vas Defrans will be celebrating at its record release party at The Bootleg Theatre on Feb. 5.

The party will also be a benefit concert for Xander’s Plan, an organization inspired by Xander, a young model and professional driver who is now paralyzed after being hit by a car. Xander’s Pan aims to raise funds for youth in need.

The band has a special treat for USC students first though. It will be playing at Tommy’s Place on Feb. 3.

Until then, the entire EP is available on iTunes and according to Vas Defrans, live performance videos are coming soon.