Skull and Dagger sends prank email to students

Many students were disappointed Wednesday after learning that an email from the Office of Campus Activities — about entering a raffle to win field passes to the USC vs. Hawai’i football season opener — was actually a prank orchestrated by the secret society Skull and Dagger.

Skull and Dagger prefaced the prank by blacking out TV monitors on campus and replacing their content with a 24-hour countdown at noon on Tuesday, when the club then sent out the emails at noon on Wednesday.

Prank · Skull and Dagger, a secret society at USC, unfurled its banner at the Student Union after sending a prank email to some students. - Chris Roman | Daily Trojan

The email, titled “Win Free Field Passes for USC vs. Hawai’i Season Opener!” was issued from the email address of Heather Larabee, the assistant dean of students and director of campus activities.

The contents of the email included a link for students to register for the field passes, but upon clicking the link, students were directed to a website that played the sound of a woman screaming while a message saying, “You’ve been pranked by Skull & Dagger. Fight on!” appeared.

Grace Ko, a freshman majoring in theatre, said she was not amused by the prank.

“I had overheard people talking about the raffle for free field tickets for the football game, and I was initially very excited until I learned it was a prank,” Ko said. “[Skull and Dagger members] should really get something better to do in their free time than having fun at other students’ expense.”

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  1. Wow
    Wow says:

    It was a pretty big fail on their part–the countdowns definitely had everyone wondering what was going on, but a large chunk of the student population didn’t even get the email.

  2. John
    John says:

    What a lame prank.

    Skull and Dagger is supposed to be some of the best, handpicked students on campus… and this is what their collective brainpower/funnybone could muster? Seriously?

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