USG hosts annual Campus Partners Dinner

On Monday, Aug. 19, the Undergraduate Student Government hosted its annual Campus Partners Dinner at Town-and- Gown to introduce USG members to key administrators who will help them with various projects later in the year.

“The Campus Partners Dinner is kind of the kick-off to the school year that we have for USG members and members of the administration,” said USG Senior Director of Communications Olivia Diamond.

USG members and administrators were able to meet and talk about upcoming projects being considered by USG during the reception and following dinner.

“For me, since I’m brand new to the university, I’m curious to see how student government works at USC since it’s a very large body for a very large campus,” Christina Davis, director of residential education, said. “I’m curious to see how it breaks down and how everybody works collaboratively.”

Christopher Carpenter, marketing videographer assistant director for USG’s Program Board, found the Campus Partners Dinner useful for his work in advertising for the various assembly committees.

“I work intimately with each assembly committee to basically brand them and convey a message to the student body,” Carpenter said. “I feel like Campus Partners Dinner, which is to kind of bring us around a full circle, is prime time for those sorts of messages to be laid.”

At a table assigned specifically for USG members with public relations and communications positions, students spoke with Assistant Provost for Support and Advocacy Lynette Merriman about possible projects, such as the creation of a smoke-free campus.

The USG communications officers are working to brand both USG and Program Board together, rather than separately as had been previously done, to emphasize the unity of USG.

“All the tables are strategically set up so that they have certain individuals that students will be working with in the future,” USG Vice President Ryan Park said.

Ainsley Carry, the recently appointed vice provost of student affairs, gave the keynote address after a brief speech by USG President Christian Kurth.  Carry explained the three reasons he chose to be a part of the USC administration, including the fact that USC is ranked number one in diverse campus environment and that USC’s president and provost are committed to staying number one.

“I wanted to be a part of a community that [is] willing to struggle with our differences and [is] willing to realize that there is no one best way to do it, and we need to be [struggling to get] to the best place,” Carry said.

While Carry admired USC’s commitment to being number one in everything from engineering to the arts, he believes there are many issues on campus that need to be addressed, including sexual assault and the Los Angeles Police Department’s intervention in an off-campus party last year. Carry encouraged USC students in the audience to work on solving a social inequity that they are passionate about.

“I’m really excited to see what Carry can do. He said something really cool, that he wants to be victorious in both the classrooms and on the playing field, and I think he showed that he wants to be victorious in more than just those two things,” said USG Assistant Director of Community Affairs Caroline Smith.


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