Leaders set agenda for school year

USG held its first weekly meeting of the semester Tuesday night in the Ronald Tutor Campus Center. The public meeting discusses items on its agenda including the 2013-2014 concert schedule, nomination of USG Justices and funding for student organizations on campus.

Assistant Director of the Concerts Committee, Chardae Davis, reported this fall’s Welcome Back Concert yielded the highest attendance on record. Her committee hopes to elevate the profile of on-campus concerts this year.

“We’re currently securing an artist for Conquest, and planning ahead for Springfest,” Davis said. “We want to make sure we have the best artists possible.”

President Christian Kurth announced the appointment of four new USG justices, whose nominations will be confirmed by a Senate-wide vote next Tuesday.

USG justices serve as  arbitrators for cases of abuse or misbehavior within the organization. Their appointment lasts until their graduation.

Junior Anaeis Ebrehimi Masihi, one of the four nominees, served as a delegate for the Alumni Association last year. She said she feels excited about the possibility of increasing her involvement in USG.

“I wanted to have a more  hands- on role in student government, so I decided to apply,” Ebrehimi said. “[USG President] Christian Kurth called and left me a very enthusiastic voicemail, so I called back right away and accepted.”

The meeting also featured a presentation from Treasurer Kameron VanWoerkom detailing USG’s fall budget.

“The financial state of the organization is positive. We’re enthusiastic about increased funding in the funding boards, which is up about 10 percent this year,” VanWoerkom said. “We have more money to give to student orgs than ever before, and we’re really excited about it.”

USG funding boards give financial aid to USC student organizations — up to $4,000 for the fall semester. USG encourages interested organizations to apply for funding.

USG Greek Senator Logan Heley directly addressed all attendees who were not USG members regarding Program Board funding.

“I’d encourage all of you to talk to your friends about USG [Program Board] funding. We’ve still got some money in the pot, so let’s put it toward good causes,” Heley said.

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