Three committees present at Tuesday’s USG meeting

The latest USG Senate meeting featured presentations from Academic Affairs, the Trojan Pride committee and University Affairs, as well as a presentation from the latest nominee for USG’s Judicial Council. The groups highlighted their plans to renovate campus libraries, promote higher attendance at sporting events and add more facilities to student housing, respectively.

Michael Yoshimura, director of Academic Affairs, announced that his committee wants to start a funding campaign for libraries on campus. The committee’s goal is a $20 million renovation to Leavey Library and eventual construction of a new library on campus.

“Leavey is our most recently built library, and it was built 20 years ago,” said Andrew Menard, the director of University Affairs. “Since then, the whole concept of a library has drastically changed. It’s no longer about books and research — it’s about more space and the ability to work in groups.”

Kyleen Marcella, the director of the Trojan Pride committee, stressed the importance of student attendance at athletic events in her presentation to USG. Marcella emphasized that not all USC athletic events happen in the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.

“Our school is about more than just our football. We have a lot of great programs, but they sometimes get ignored, and it’s kind of sad,” Marcella said.

The Trojan Pride committee has hosted several events including the Fall Sports Rally. Its latest project is spotlighting a “Game of the Week,” to encourage students to go to games for sports other than football.

“Our goal is excitement … We want to raise awareness of events and get a larger attendance,” Marcella said.

Meanwhile, Andrew Menard, the director of University Affairs,  announced his committee’s plans to increase publicity for the farmers’ markets on McCarthy Quad.

“We’re undergoing a huge push right now to get the word out on campus through our committee delegates,” Menard said.

University Affairs also plans to increase the number of printers, exercise machines and water dispensers in student housing.

The meeting ended with a presentation from Kevin Ngai, USG’s latest nominee for Judicial Council.

Ngai, a junior majoring in political science and business administration, said an interest in political issues and his plans for after graduation influenced him to apply for the position.

“After college I want to go to law school, and eventually into corporate law. Corporate law isn’t necessarily the same as interpreting bylaws, but getting used to making these kinds of decisions seems helpful and interesting,” Ngai said.

The next Senate meeting is Tuesday, Oct. 8 in the Ronald Tutor Campus Center. All meetings are open to the public.


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