Return of Troy

Interim head coach Ed Orgeron made his USC coaching debut on Thursday at the Coliseum in a 38-31 victory over the University of Arizona Wildcats. The game was the Trojans’ fourth victory of the season. Read the full game recap on page 12.  

USC-ND rivalry might sink into irrelevance

If we rewound the clock 40 years, and USC’s game next week was between the 1973 Notre Dame Fighting Irish and the 1973 Trojans instead of the 2013 editions of each team, there would be a whole lot more anticipation and excitement heading into the matchup. USC was at the height of the John McKay […]

Pirating hurts film industry

Watching movies and TV shows on streaming links and illegal sites for free is becoming increasingly commonplace. This is especially true here on a college campus where most students are not exactly flush with cash. The temptation to break a relatively minor law to get some free entertainment becomes very tempting when balanced against a […]