4-D films offer new paradigm

The last few years’ 3-D films have graduated from being perceived as a fad to a fully established part of the movie industry. The addition of 3-D seemed gimmicky at first as films had been able to adequately convey depth and stories in the traditional 2-D format. We have begun to see directors not only […]

Letter to the Editor

In response to “Healthcare website spurs problems”   I am deeply concerned by the level of misinformation present in Ms. Valerie Yu’s opinion piece on the Affordable Care Act, which appeared in the Oct. 29 issue of the Daily Trojan. Writers of opinion pieces are entitled to exactly that: opinions. This letter aims to examine […]

Artist Sheperd Fairey surprises two USC classes

Graphic artist Shepard Fairey, designer of the Barack Obama Hope poster, surprised two USC classes yesterday by dropping in to explain his life’s work of exposing cultural truths and inspiring social change through graphic and street art. Students in the School of Cinematic Arts’ IML 420: “New Media for Social Change” and the Roski School […]

Arcade Fire reflects changing times on newest studio album

More than any other era of recorded music since Edison’s wax cylinders, the modern listener enjoys complete freedom in how they acquire music. Spotify, iTunes, piracy, radio, YouTube — the list goes on and on. But the one format that seems to be the most rare nowadays are the “little silver discs” that Arcade Fire […]