Conquest to feature artist Jason Derulo

Program Board’s Concerts Committee announced late Wednesday night that singer Jason Derulo will headline the 10th annual Conquest on Nov. 25.

This year will be the 10th annual Conquest, an event that takes place prior to USC’s football game against its crosstown rivals the UCLA Bruins. In addition to the performance by Derulo, the event will include a sports rally, a burning of a symbolic “Bruin” and fireworks.

Allie Schmiesing, co-director of the Conquest committee, said Jason Derulo was chosen because he was the one candidate who most people on the committee seemed to agree upon.

“We basically have to maximize our budget to get someone who the most people are going to know and appeal to the most people on campus,” Schmiesing said. “[Derulo] seemed like the best option.”

Schmiesing also said that booking a solo artist made more sense than a band because bands tend to charge more. Despite this, she said she is looking forward to Derulo’s appearance.

“I think he’ll put on a great performance and I’m really excited for Conquest,” Schmiesing said.

Students had mixed reactions to the news that Derulo would be the performer.

Some, like Aleen Mankerian, a sophomore majoring in public relations,  were looking forward to seeing him.

“I’m super excited, I love Jason Derulo,” said Mankerian. “I kind of wish I’d have listened to more Childish Gambino stuff before the concert last year, but I think Conquest is such a great opportunity for students to see artists they may or may not have heard of for free.”

Others, however, were less impressed by the announcement.

“I’m excited for Conquest — it’s always fun — but, to be honest, USC could have picked someone better as the headlining artist,” said Julie Lai, a junior majoring in biological sciences. “They get so much funding, so it’s totally possible, too.”

Others did not believe Derulo would appeal to a lot of USC students.

“I couldn’t care less about Jason Derulo; I’ve barely heard any of his songs. Honestly, I’ve been to better concerts at Occidental College and frankly, only girls really care about Jason Derulo,” said Drew Eller, a junior majoring in business administration and cinematic arts. “I’m not excited. Conquest is kind of underwhelming.”


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