USC makes additions to the Social Events Policy

The university has implemented a revised Social Events Policy for activities involving alcohol or loud noise, effective Jan. 1.

According to the university’s new official policy, the revisions are being implemented “in an effort to enrich the academic experience while maintaining the importance of safety and security within the campus community.”

In its release, USC Student Affairs notes that the previous policies did not prove to be adequate solutions.

“Social event policies are intended to offer guidance and ensure safety, but at times the previous version of those policies may have hampered efforts to provide healthy outlets for students to socialize,” the new policy says.

Several student leaders and administration members alike signed the new policy, including Vice Provost for Student Affairs Ainsley Carry and Chief/Executive Director of DPS John Thomas. USG co-signed this updated policy under President Christian Kurth.

USG expressed optimism in the revisions laid out for the updated policy.

“At USG, we believe the new Social Events Policy is going to take great strides towards clarifying for everyone how programming and social events work both on and off campus,” said Olivia Diamond, Senior Director of Communications for USG, in a statement.

Diamond notes the policy was significant for its successful collaboration between student groups and administration.

“This specific policy was unique and monumental because it was the first time students and administrators were able to collaborate and speak candidly about social life at USC,” Diamond said.

Under the new policy, any university-recognized social gatherings must be organized according to the university’s new procedures. The hosts must receive the necessary clearances from the university in order to proceed with their event.

The time allotted for events to take place is now dependent on whether or not alcohol is present. Social events that are not serving alcohol may take place any day of the week, but alcohol-related events are limited to Thursday until 12 a.m. and on Friday and Saturday until 2 a. m.

Along with the revised time restraints, the university requires that the events offer non-alcoholic drinks and food in “sufficient quantities,” as well as enforce a strict no-alcohol policy to those under 21. All of those in attendance of social events must observe federal, state and local laws, which most notably includes not serving alcohol to minors.

In addition, music and recordings cannot be louder than 90 dBA 50 feet from the source of the noise in order to reduce local disturbances and social events cannot occur on university-designated study days and final days.

Student reaction to this new social policy seemed negative.

“I don’t think ending parties at midnight on Thursday will really help because if people know the party is ending at midnight they will just get drunk earlier,”  said Jennifer Marr, a junior majoring in international relations global business.

Jonathan Marty, a junior majoring in history, believed the new policy was unjust.

“The social policy isn’t really fair because transports happen at every college. They should just educate people better.”

Others, however, were just happy for the catering.

“I love the food part, but that’s just because I like eating,” said Cara Madrid, a sophomore majoring in fine arts. “I feel that’s kind of smart because a lot of people don’t eat anything and that’s why they get more drunk.”


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