Google Chromebooks a worthwhile option for students

Whether for taking notes, writing papers or just wasting time in class, it is generally accepted that a laptop is a necessary tool for survival in the modern classroom. Most students searching for a new computer before or during college decide between Apple’s Macbook line or a range of machines running the latest Windows. But […]

The don’ts of dating and dining

Traditional dating may be on its way out, but one of key element will never go out of vogue: the first dinner date. The saying, “You can get to a man’s heart through his stomach,” is, for the most part, true. But, gentlemen, that works for the ladies too. Because first impressions are everything, here […]

USC Women’s Tennis to host ITA Kick-off Weekend

The No. 6 USC women’s tennis team will have its home opener Friday at Marks Stadium as USC hosts ITA Kick-off Weekend. Throughout the month of January, the team began the spring season playing in various tournaments across the U.S., specifically in Las Vegas, Nev., Palm Springs, Calif. and Port St. Lucie, Fla. Playing at […]

USC rendition of Sondheim musical worth seeing

Stephen Sondheim, the legendary composer/lyricist, does not disappoint in his often-overlooked musical, Merrily We Roll Along. Neither do the students of Musical Theater Repertory, who opened the production last night at USC’s Massman Theater. Known as one of Sondheim’s most “famous flops” after closing on Broadway with just 40 performances under its belt, USC students […]