Palestine Awareness Week

Austin Vogel | Daily Trojan

Austin Vogel | Daily Trojan

On March 10-March 14, the USC Students for Justice in Palestine are holding Palestine Awareness Week. The week will feature a variety of evening events focusing on and discussing a wide range of topics such as student activism and solidarity. The mock apartheid wall pictured above is displayed at the Von KleinSmid Center courtyard for the duration of the week’s festivities.

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  1. Mary
    Mary says:

    Arafat is a paid Hasbara (propaganda) troll hanging out at all the campus boards. Obviously he/she cuts and paste the same messages over and over and over again.. Curious how much are you making now after all these years doing this? I hear it’s very low pay. Why be used by the Israeli Ministry campaign? I say get off the computer and get a real job, something ethical you can be proud of doing. BTW i just broke my own rules, never feed the troll. They are pest.

    • Arafat
      Arafat says:


      It might be worth your while to take issue with points I’ve raised which you disagree with. That is what adults are supposed to do, you know.

      It’s a cop-out accusing me of this, that or the other thing instead of arguing the points at hand.

  2. Arafat
    Arafat says:

    While Gaza ranks among the top ten regions in the world for obesity in nearby Syria the Palestinians are being starved to death by their own brothers and sisters. A good topic for SJP, no?

    Palestinians are being starved to death. But this is not happening in the West Bank or Gaza Strip. Nor is it taking place in Israel.
    Rather, this is happening in an Arab country, Syria, while the international community continues to turn a blind eye to the tragedy.
    At least 15 Palestinians have died from starvation since last September in the Palestinian Yarmouk refugee camp near Damascus, according to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA).
    UNRWA spokesman Chris Gunness said, “We have received reports over the weekend that at least five more Palestinian refugees in the besieged refugee camp of Yarmouk in Damascus have died due to malnutrition, bringing the total number of reported cases (of starvation) up to 15.”
    According to reports from Syria, some 20,000 Palestinians living in Yarmouk face death from starvation as a result of the siege on the camp that began last July.
    Yarmouk has been under siege by the Syrian army after a large number of gunmen belonging to the Syrian opposition found shelter inside the camp.
    Yet it is not only the Syrians who are besieging the camp. A radical Palestinian group called Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine – General Command, which is loyal to Bashar Assad, is also taking part in the siege.
    Human rights activists say the Syrian authorities are refusing to allow aid into the camp, creating a severe humanitarian crisis.

    • Blake
      Blake says:

      You cannot be serious. Palestine must be returned to Palestinians. Forget all the lame whines and awful revisionism from these propagndist impostors.

      • Arafat
        Arafat says:

        Blake this one is for you:

        Why is it Muslims are free to violently conquer lands anywhere and everywhere without a word of protest from American Muslims, or any Muslims or any liberals?

        But if Jews have a legally established homeland Muslims and Liberals and their ilk will never stop protesting against it? Why is this do you suppose? What explanation can be
        given other than as the Qur’an states repeatedly that Islam’s goal is to establish a worldwide caliphate in which all non-Muslims are subjugated. And, of course liberals simply cannot think rationally.

        For instance, Mohammed was born around 571 AD thousands and thousands of years after Hinduism, Buddhism and Judaism existed. But within a few centuries of Mohammed’s birth Islam had violently conquered vast sections of Asia, all of North Africa and smaller sections of Southern Europe.

        Now Muslims tell us that all this land belongs to them even though, for instance, in Afghanistan they killed every last Buddhist who once lived there. According to Muslim logic per Israel shouldn’t this land belong to the Buddhists?

        Or in North Africa all the Berbers have been forcibly converted to Islam or have been killed and now we’re told all this vast landmass belongs to Islam. That’s interesting, if not completely hypocritical.

        And what about Southern Thailand. Did anyone know that in the last several years something like 5,000 Buddhists have been killed by Muslims because, or so we’re told, the land the Buddhists are on belongs to Islam.

        And Southern Russia? Muslims are relentlessly waging a slow reign of terror in Russia because, you guessed it, Russians are treating Muslims poorly and they should give up the Southern section of that country to Muslims since Islam deserves all lands.

        Or, let’s take Sudan as another example. How many millions have been killed in Sudan? How many babies and children have starved in Sudan while Islamists steal the food from aid compounds? How many women have Muslims gang-raped in Sudan
        all because that land belongs to Muslims and only Muslims. All other people can go somewhere else to live, I guess.

        And Kashmir? The same. Despite Hindus having lived there for 3,000 years – something like 2,000+ years before Mohammed was born – Muslims tell us Kashmir belongs to them. Amazing logic isn’t it? Muslim logic, I guess.

        And that brings us to Israel. Israel also belongs to Islam too. Did you know that? It’s true. Just ask a Muslim or a liberal if you prefer. Even though it’s no bigger than a small pimple on the caliphate’s ass it is still their land and they will fight to the death to prove their

        Doesn’t the logic here make a lot of sense. Isn’t it as clear as day? Of course it does. The world belongs to Islam and we’re mere players on their stage.

  3. Arafat
    Arafat says:

    Gee….I wonder if anyone from SJP will discuss the following:

    Palestinian schoolchildren in the Gaza Strip have been denied the opportunity to learn about human rights after the Hamas government determined that such a subject “dangerously contravenes Palestinian and Islamic culture.”
    Hamas’s announcement came in response to an attempt by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) to include a course on human rights in schools run by the agency in the Gaza Strip.
    The UNRWA bid drew strong condemnations from the Hamas government, whose representatives accused the international agency of seeking to “brainwash” Palestinian children.

  4. Arafat
    Arafat says:

    Gee…what are the odds they openly discuss this:

    Feb 13, 2013
    In another story the Western media apparently refuses to cover, any Palestinian who dares to criticize Hamas or the Palestinian Authority risks being arrested or summoned for interrogation.
    Palestinian journalists are now hoping to bring this to the attention of President Barack Obama when he meets with President Mahmoud Abbas next month.
    The journalists say they want United States and the rest of the world to know that the crackdown on freedom of expression in both the West Bank and Gaza Strip is designed to hide the fact that Palestinians are governed by two repressive regimes that have no respect for human rights and democracy.

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