Trojan Trends — March 11

Trojan Trends: Elizabeth Mitchell

“I was having a bad morning, so clearly the solution was to dress.” — Elizabeth Mitchell, sophomore majoring in political science.


Trojan Trends: Yue Ren

“I like hoodies and boots.” — Yue Ren, junior majoring in business.


Trojan Trends: Mario Montes

“I like to keep it cool, calm and collected.” — Mario Montes, junior majoring in political science.


Trojan Trends: Jin Yang

“I dress to be happy.” — Jin Yang, sophomore majoring in environmental science.


Trojan Trends: Carmen Villasenor

“I dress to impress.” — Carmen Villasenor, sophomore majoring in business administration.


Photos by Ricardo Galvez.

Trojan Trends is a weekly photo blog featuring trendy fashion seen on campus. Trojan Trends runs every Tuesday.