Meeting focuses on efficiency

Last night’s USG meeting featured presentations from incoming Chief of Staff Hassaan Ebrahim and President Elect Andrew Menard, as well as a presentation on behalf of USG’s latest program board organization, the Environmental Student Assembly.

Menard announced the appointment of new executive officers to assist in the direction of USG.

“It was extremely competitive this year; we had a ton of outstanding applications. I’m totally confident in their ability,” said Menard.

These new executives are resolved to help Menard in his plan to improve the efficiency of USG and its member organizations.

“We really want to push the internal efficiency of USG,” Ebrahim said.

To this effect, Ebrahim and Menard proposed a variety of amendments to USG’s bylaws. These various amendments deal with reducing the working hours of USG positions, such as Parliamentarian, and restructuring USG organizations for greater efficiency within  student government.

The Senate will discuss and vote on the proposed amendments next week.

Vice President Ryan Park gave a presentation on behalf of the Environmental Student Assembly, the newest organization to join USG’s Program Board.

ESA was established in the spring of 2013 to promote sustainability and environmental awareness on campus.

“We found there was a huge need among students for environmentally friendly practices that wasn’t necessarily being met,” Park said.

Since then, ESA has become a permanent member of USG’s Program Board and has grown in terms of its membership and outreach.

“They’ve built attendance and gotten students out for their events. They also have nine new member organizations,” Park said.

The nine member organizations within ESA have diverse emphases, but are united by a common concern for environmental sustainability.

Park believes that ESA’s upcoming Earth Month will illustrate the organization’s growth and success.

“Even with the limited budget they have, they have an awesome program lined up,” Park said.