Society should re-evaluate gender roles among youth

Sunnie Kahle is just like most 8-year-olds. She enjoys school as much as she enjoys play. She loves seeing her friends each day and coming home to a loving family. But Timberlake Christian School found a glaring problem with Kahle. Though she’s a good student with excellent behavior, Kahle did not reflect society’s expectations of […]

Facebook invests in virtual reality with Oculus Rift

Is virtual reality the next arms race in entertainment technology? Facebook certainly seems to think so. Shortly after Oculus VR opened up pre-orders for the Rift Development Kit 2 and Sony’s revelation of Project Morpheus, a virtual reality headset that would sync with Playstation 4, the social media conglomerate bought the tech upstart for $2 […]

Breaking records

Karen Chen, an undecided freshman, counts up the number of sandwiches made during “USC Breaks a World Record,” hosted by the USC Special Events Committee and the Zeta Phi Rho fraternity. The event was held on Friday in Alumni Park. USC broke the Guinness World Record with 17,341 sandwiches made in one hour.  

Weekends releases should topple ‘Divergent’s’ shaky dominance

The last weekend of March only comes with two major nationwide releases: Biblical epic Noah, featuring a star-studded cast led by Russell Crowe and Emma Watson, and Sabotage, featuring ex-governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in yet another action role. While both films should do well at the box office this weekend, expect Noah to claim the number […]

Learning to love southern food

I’ve caught a bug, a country bug. As a native southern California girl, I grew up exposed to various cultures and music, but I could never get into country-pop artists like Taylor Swift and Shania Twain, until recently. Now, here I am blasting Luke Bryan while sipping on the fabulous sweet tea that my roommate […]