Trojan Trends — April 1

Trojan Trends: Stephanie Cipres

“I like to add a pop of color to my everyday black.” — Stephanie Cipres, senior majoring in health promotion.


Trojan Trends: Joanna Chen

“Dress colorful and more lovely.” — Joanna Chen, sophomore majoring in financial engineering.


Trojan Trends: Choon Siong Tan

“I choose my outfit according to the weather and season.” — Choon Siong Tan, senior majoring in mechanical engineering.


Trojan Trends: Alexa Povlitz

“I think clothing is how you present yourself to the world–it should reflect what you want to share with everyone that day.” — Alexa Povlitz, freshman majoring in international relations (global business).


Trojan Trends: Sierra Cunningham

“I try to dress as incognito and comfortable as possible.” — Sierra Cunningham, senior majoring in biology.


Photos by Ricardo Galvez.

Trojan Trends is a weekly photo blog featuring trendy fashion seen on campus. Trojan Trends runs every Tuesday.