Former USC football player’s suit against doctor may be postponed

On April 2, a judge stated that the trial of Armond Armstead, a former USC defensive football player, may be pushed back to next year. Armstead claims that team doctors gave him medications that led to a heart attack and hurt his chances as an NFL player.

Armond Armstead. – Photo courtesy of USC Sports Information

Armond Armstead. – Photo courtesy of USC Sports Information

Currently, the trial is set for June 23, but Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Yvette Palazuelos has asked the lawyers to think about new trial dates in March or June of 2015.

Palazuelos has pushed the lawyers to appoint a “discovery referee,” a retired judge who would evaluate all the motions that Palazuelos has been evaluating and provide insight to the trial judge.

Amstead filed his lawsuit against USC in August 2012, claiming that Dr. James Tibone and other doctors at USC required him to take Toradol multiple times without properly telling him about the possible consequences.

The lawsuit claims that USC knew that Armstead had a heart attack and deliberately withheld that he had been taking Toradol. Armstead is also suing SportsPharm Pharmaceuticals, who supposedly sold the Toradol to USC.

Robert Bale, Armstead’s attorney, claims that he thinks Armstead’s ongoing medical problems are related to the Toradol that he was administered while at USC.