Trojan Trends — April 15

Trojan Trends: Vivian Dang

“I like to dress comfortably, but being cute isn’t comfortable. So sometimes I have to make sacrifices.” — Vivian Dang, senior majoring in neuroscience.


Trojan Trends: Will Sung

“Simple, neat but sharp.” — Will Sung, senior majoring in business administration.


Trojan Trends: Amanda Rodgers

“Fun, class and sassy.” — Amanda Rodgers, sophomore majoring in public relations.


Trojan Trends: Stephanie Liang

“A girl should always be two things: classy and fabulous.” — Stephanie Liang, sophomore majoring in business administration.


Trojan Trends: Alex Ning

“A mixer of the ‘old’ and ‘new.'” — Alex Ning, junior majoring in dramatic arts.


Photos by Ricardo Galvez.

Trojan Trends is a weekly photo blog featuring trendy fashion seen on campus. Trojan Trends runs every Tuesday.