USG responds to Greek tax resolution

As members of the Undergraduate Student Government Senate, we wish to address the concerns raised by Tara Campbell in Eric Wendorf’s article “USG Senate rejects tax resolution.” USG’s mission is to represent and advocate on behalf of the entire undergraduate population. No benefit for any group in the student body, regardless of size, is too […]

Fitness technology hinders society’s perception of healthy living

It’s startling to think how little I know about life without technology. From very early on, I looked to the computer for entertainment and additions to my school curriculum. I later relied on my cell phone to communicate with my family and friends rather than talking face-to-face. I’m barely able to navigate campus without a […]

Fantasy baseball draft: Week three review

With three weeks on the books, the 2014 MLB season is starting to settle into a groove, players are getting comfortable with their new teams, and the Houston Astros are still historically bad. Fantasy owners, on the other hand, are starting to realize what their team needs and are looking to give their roster a […]