The end of the year, a new design

One week from tomorrow, the Daily Trojan will print its last issue of the semester. In our first issue of the semester, we wrote that we wanted to “strive to be not just the best that we can be, but the best news source possible … And in order to do that, we need to change a bit.”

The Daily Trojan's redesign hopes to help bring the paper into the present.

The Daily Trojan‘s redesign hopes to bring the paper into the present.

As we enter the digital age, so does the field of journalism. There’s intense competition between news sources to provide the most accurate information to the populace in a timely manner. This semester, the Daily Trojan made a pledge to revitalize our online presence to the best of our ability, and we’re proud of the result. When you pull up, you can see not just articles from our printed paper but also exclusive videos, podcasts, online-only columns and more. And last week, we participated in a social media “war” against that other school, competing to gain the most Facebook “likes” in seven days (we won, by the way).

We realize that the future of journalism is online, which is why we’ll work ardently over the summer and into the fall semester to create the best possible website we can. But we would be remiss not to discuss how much print journalism still means to us and how important it is for the industry as a whole. Though the Internet is very much our present as well as the future, there is nothing quite like holding a newspaper in your hand and letting your fingers smudge the ink on a page.

That is why the Daily Trojan decided it was time for a redesign. Working away in our offices for hours has obviously made us a bit biased, but we believe that the printed newspaper is too valuable of a resource, too necessary of a tradition to let it slip away into the past. By modernizing and updating our design, we’re ready to bring the Daily Trojan into the present.

We hope that you find the redesign as thrilling as we do. We welcome any feedback you have. Email us at


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