Trojan Trends — April 29

Trojan Trends: Jacqualine Sabino

“A woman should dress in a way that shows her personality. It’s all about being classy and sophisticated.” — Jacqualine Sabino, junior majoring in environmental studies.


Trojan Trends: Anaka Morris

“I intern at a clothing line but I consider thrifting one of my favorite hobbies.” — Anaka Morris, sophomore majoring in American studies and ethnicity.


Trojan Trends: Amanda Geiger

“Flowy skirts and sweet sunshine make me happy!” — Amanda Geiger, sophmore majoring in business administration.


Trojan Trends: Sheridan Sieber

“Sunny mornings always call for happy tunes and a happy outfit. To me, a sun dress and a pony tail is the happiest of outfits. It’s all about setting the tone for a positive day” — Sheridan Sieber, sophomore majoring in public relations.


Trojan Trends: Bobo Matjila

“A woman’s dress should always serve its purpose without obscuring the view” — Bobo Matjila, sophomore majoring in business administration.

Photos by Ricardo Galvez.

Trojan Trends is a weekly photo blog featuring trendy fashion seen on campus. Trojan Trends ran every Tuesday.