Summer school is in full swing

Mostafa Badaoui (above), a graduate student majoring in industrial and systems engineering, heads to class on Monday, June 16. He is one of the 15,038 students enrolled in summer school sessions (both on campus and online), which officially started on May 21 and runs until August 12.  

22 Jump Street and the problem with comedy sequels

Based on a painfully dated police procedural remembered for launching Johnny Depp’s acting career and not much else, the first 21 Jump Street movie should have been a spectacular misfire, another cautionary tale about the dangers of exhuming a once-popular television series and hastily retooling it to attract modern audiences. Instead co-directors Phil Lord and […]

Kiffin deserves respect from USC

As of Tuesday, the NCAA sanctions on USC’s athletic programs have expired. After four years of being hamstrung by a two-year postseason ban, scholarship limitations and the vacating of a Heisman Trophy, as well as the 2004 BCS National Championship and all of their victories in 2005, the USC football team is now free from […]