Haute Highlights

Made in America Kanye, Jay-z and iggy azalea are all prepared to descend upon los angeles at grand park this weekend on aug. 30 and aug. 31.   The Taste Head down to Paramount Pictures Studios this weekend for a taste of Los Angeles. The SoCal food and wine festival has attracted over 15,000 Angelenos […]

Brosnan’s rich history as a spy deserves another look

From the suave swagger of Sean Connery to the steely-eyed pugilism of Daniel Craig, every generation gets the James Bond it deserves. In 1995, audiences were introduced to the latest incarnation of the dashing gentleman spy, played with a martini mix of mirth and magnetism by Pierce Brosnan, and the results were explosive. GoldenEye, directed […]

Josh Shaw scandal is all too familiar

Here’s what we know about the Josh Shaw situation: At some point between USC’s annual Salute to Troy dinner on Saturday and the Trojans’ Monday morning practice, the senior defensive back suffered two high ankle sprains. Shaw originally claimed that his injury was the result of rescuing his drowning nephew, a story that garnered him […]